About Us

We are a team of CFD&FE experts who provide engineering services for aerospace industry, educational courses and trainings for engineers and students.

First part of our team consists from professional engineers with more than seven years of experience in design of the Product, computational fluid analysis of supersonic flows, aerodynamics, combustion and heat transfer of space satellites.

Second part of our team consists from university researchers who make us a consultance, techniques and scientific support for complicated projects.

Our key strengths:

  • Strong experience in aerospace CFD & FE analysis.
  • Use commercial and non-commercial CAE-software.
  • Deep understanding of computational methods theory.
  • Own HPC-resources.
  • Self-made programs for engineering valuations.
Our key experts:

Evgeny Merkulov
Project director, MS in aerospace engineering, 8 years experience in
computational aerodynamics.
Specialization: rocket launch systems
Anton Cheshko
BS in aerospace engineering, 6 years experience in computational aerodynamics and acoustics.
Specialization: ship hydrodynamics and aeroacoustics
phD in computer science, 8 years experience in
computational heat transfer and aerodynamics, 10 years experience in programming for supercomputers.
Specialization: heat transfer of reentry vehicles